Aseel Pitted Dates Pakistan

Pitted Dates Aseel Pakistan

Aseel Pitted Dates:

Aseel Dates variety is the best of its kind among all the dates grown in Pakistan having a premium commercial value. It is mainly produced in Khairpur and Sukkur Districts of Sindh Province of Pakistan.

Aseel Dates variety is also grown as Organic Dates at our dedicated Organic Dates Farms in Pakistan. Organic Dates are free from any synthetic, chemical material or contamination. Our Pakistani Aseel Organic Dates are certified under USDA and EU Organic Standards. 

Aseel Organic Dates has a thick flesh that makes for a delightful dried fruit. In the first phase organic dates are pitted and then these dates are diced / chopped as small pieces so you can enjoy them in blended drinks, baked goods, salads and more.

Aseel Organic Dates are considered as healthy food and increase immunity power in human body because of their rich nutrients and natural vitamins.

Pitted Dates are seedless or without pits. When seed is removed the date become more soft and easy to munch as a delightful sweet snack. We process best quality raw dates for producing pitted, diced and chopped dates under hygienic conditions and food safety programs.

Diced Dates / Chopped Dates are manufactured from Pitted Pakistani Aseel Dates and packed under hygienic and food safety program. Each Date piece contain fiber and potassium, making them quite delightful healthy snack. Diced Dates / Chopped Dates pieces are mixed in drinks, used in baking, salads and more. Dates Diced  / Chopped Dates pieces are also used with cereals and milk to make the breakfast more delicious.

Besides, Date Paste and Date Powder is also manufactured from Aseel Pitted Dates to be used as natural sweetener and substitute of white sugar by health cautious consumers.

We being the leading dates suppliers offer best quality Aseel Dates ( fresh, dry, organic, pitted, diced, chopped, sliced, paste, powder) from Pakistan to International buyers at lowest possible price / cost.