Aseel Dates Khajoor

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Aseel Dates Product Price Range
USD $ / M Ton
Aseel Pitted Dates Select Grade 2000-2500
Aseel Pitted Dates GAQ 1200-2200
Aseel Pitted Dates FAQ 800-1250
Aseel Pitted Dates Industrial Grade 500-950
Aseel Pitted Dates Organic1600-2250
Aseel Whole Dates Organic 1500-2150
Aseel Diced Dates1000-1450
Aseel Chopped Dates1000-1450
Aseel Date Paste 900-1350
Aseel Date Powder 1200-2250
Aseel Diced Dates Organic 1200-1750
Aseel Chopped Dates Organic1200-1750
Aseel Date Paste Organic 1300-1850
Aseel Chopped Dates Organic 1550-2550
Aseel Dry Dates – Chuara1100-2650

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Aseel Dates: Aseel Dates (Khajoor) are delightfully delicious, extremely nutritious and rich in natural value. Aseel Dates from Pakistan have a unique taste and flavor as compare to Saudi, Omani, Irani, Iraqi, Tunisian, Algerian, Egyptian, Jordanian or Californian Dates.

Aseel Dates Market: Aseel Dates (Khajoor) variety is considered in the Global Dates-palm Fruit Market as the best of its kind among all the dates grown in Pakistan having a premium commercial value. Aseel Dates are mainly produced in Khairpur and Sukkur Districts of Sindh Province of Pakistan.

Aseel Dates Pakistan Company: Aseel Dates Pakistan Company is one of the leading dates growers, dates suppliers and dates exporters from Pakistan.

Aseel Dates Factory: Aseel Dates Factory is equipped with most modern machinery and tools to produce various Aseel dates Products for retail and wholesale/bulk customers.

Aseel Dates Exporters: We export/supply Aseel Dates to the leading dates buyers/importers in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Denmark and other EU Countries.

Aseel Dates Suppliers: We are the leading dates suppliers and offer best quality Aseel Dates (fresh, dry, organic, pitted, diced, chopped, sliced, paste, powder) from Pakistan to International buyers at lowest possible price / rate.

Aseel Dates Price: We also offer best quality fresh and dry Aseel Dates (Khajoor & Chuara) at unbeatable price in local market of Pakistan.

Buy Aseel Dates: For retail purchase, you can find Aseel Dates in the leading stores or online shops.

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